Kathy Goodson

I am a silk painter, having come to this after many years pursuing other forms of creative expression. As a child I felt it was my job to be imaginative and have fun. Make-believe was a way of life for me, which later led to my choosing to major in Theatre in college. Creating art always seemed secretive and magical to me. My mother once locked me out of the house while she made copper jewelry.  I desperately wanted to see what she was doing. 

After graduating from college in 1970, I began writing plays. I was always good about making up stories in my head and at first this just felt like an extension of that. Yet playwriting was always work and it did not give me the joy I remembered from my childhood.

In 1990 I began a journey of self-exploration. One of the books that guided me was The Artist Way, which promotes fun artistic explorations called artist dates. One of my artist dates involved buying a child’s silk scarf painting kit. The first time I painted with the dye, I laughed feeling totally free. I had never felt like that with any other creative outlet and knew I had been given a gift. 

That was over 15 years ago. Each day is a new adventure for me with my art. I believe strongly in giving back, that in order to keep it, the joy of painting, I must share it. I start with no preconceived ideas of what works and bring to this art an enormous willingness and a beginner’s mind. I believe in interacting with the painting process and love to let the dye and silk first create and then lead me in that process. 

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